You’re engaged!! Now it’s time to give some thought to all the details of the wedding, including when it will happen, where it will be held, who will be in the bridal party, and what kind of food you’ll serve at the reception. Weddings are quite a big deal and all the planning can be a bit overwhelming. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a special occasion and one that you’ll want to make memorable, not only for yourselves – the couple – but for your guests, too.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the trend of having a midweek wedding. It’s becoming more and more popular! After all, the royals do it! Kate and William were married on a weekday! So, were Charles and Di…but we won’t go there.

But maybe you also have friends who have opted to schedule a weekday wedding simply because there are a lot of perks to holding a wedding ceremony and reception on Wednesday or Thursday instead of Saturday or Sunday. For many couples, this is the ideal choice, and the pros of having a mid-week wedding far outweigh the negatives for some happy couples. Here’s why!

  1. You’ll save money on locations – Yup, it’s true! Midweek weddings are way cheaper than weddings held on the weekends or on Friday evenings. In most cases, you’ll find that venues will charge a lot less on a weekday or weekday evening because that’s their downtime. They want to fill those non-busy hours with events that will allow them to make some extra money, so chances are if you ask for prices for an upcoming Wednesday in mid-June, you’ll get a much better price than you’ll get for any busy spring or summer weekend.
  2. You’ll have a wider choice of venues – If you know anyone who’s booked a weekend wedding recently, especially during a popular wedding season, chances are that if the venue they had their eye on is a busy one, they may have not gotten their first, second, or even third choice of dates. As a matter of fact, some couples that simply MUST have a particularly popular venue may have to book two years out…or more! That means they’re waiting to have their wedding simply because of the venue. If you choose a midweek wedding, it’s not likely you’ll face the same difficulties. For example, if you’ve got your hearts set on that amazing venue in midtown Vancouver, the one everyone’s been talking about, you can probably book it on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday without having to wait ridiculous amounts of time.
  3. You’ll also be able to nab those coveted vendors – You know that amazing photographer you’ve been hearing about on bridal websites and among friends who are recent brides? Well, she’s booked on Saturdays and Sundays for the next year! How about that caterer who everyone says is the one to nab for great wedding food? He’s got weddings booked nearly every weekend in the coming two years! However, if you contact either of those businesses – or any other popular wedding-related vendor – and tell them you’re doing a midweek wedding, chances are they’ll jump at the chance to help you and you’ll likely have your choice of dates, too!
  4. You might also save on your honeymoon trip – Did you know it’s much cheaper to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday than on a Saturday or Sunday? That’s right! If you’re keen on leaving for your honeymoon trip right after the wedding, you’ll find better rates on not only airfares but on just about any travel-related transportation and on accommodations as well if your trip starts on a weekday. Even if you’re just driving to your destination and staying for a few days, it’ll cost you less for weekday travel and hotel stays.
  5. You can keep it intimate and low-key – If you’re planning on a small wedding with an invitation list of under 40, this is the ideal time to do it. Truth is that it’s much easier to gather a small group on a weekday or weeknight than it is to gather a very large crowd simply because you’ll have more conflicts in the middle of the week. But if you plan ahead and let your small group know your specific plans with plenty of notice, chances are they can arrange to be there. Think about scheduling your wedding on a Thursday night, perhaps, and your guests will have a reason to take Friday off too and enjoy an extended weekend!

Of course, there are drawbacks to a midweek wedding and the option isn’t for everyone, especially if you have a large number of guests traveling from out of town or you have bridal party members who just can’t get the time off. But if you’ve done all your research and you think it’ll work, start your planning and call Catering Visions to check on our midweek availability as well as the many menu options we have available to make your special day even more memorable!