Planning a corporate event is no small effort. Whether it is a leadership off-site event or a Spring BBQ for your entire staff, the logistics of invitations, location, menus and budget can become a part-time job for any team member. After years of partnering with companies in the Lower Mainland, we have seen the intricate details that go into every corporate event. So, when event organizers come to us for menu consultations, we often opt to recommend corporate BBQ catering options. Especially suitable for companies searching for a casual, yet delectable menu solution, corporate BBQ catering can be made simple with Catering Visions.


Here are 5 reasons why corporate BBQ catering will compliment your next event


1. BBQ menus offer something for everyone

One of the most challenging tasks of organizing corporate events is the menu selection. Inevitably, everyone has different and unique tastes, and also inevitably, there are allergies to be aware of.

BBQ menus offer something for everyone. From meat kebabs and salads to potato options and vegetables, corporate BBQ catering menus focus on simple, yet delicious options.

2. We have plenty of local selections

We are proud to live in an area that is so abundant with fresh produce, meat and poultry options. In the Fraser Valley, we have local, organic solutions for our sourced meats, and plenty of vegetable and fruit selections year-round.

Our BBQ menus are abundant with locally sourced products. We strive to use fresh and local ingredients, while working directly with local farmers and markets, wherever possible.

3. You can set-up different food bars

For corporate events, you need to offer attendees much more than just great food (although that is the focus, of course!) With BBQ menus, you might consider having additional food bars, such as mac and cheese, gourmet cheese and crackers, or charcuterie options. Setting up different food bars, especially as a late night option, gives your guests additional opportunities to snack on delicious food!

4. Our Rustic Estate BBQ menu is perfectly presented

In addition to enjoying delectable food, we are proud of the presentation for our Rustic Estate BBQ menu.

This menu is a popular selection for corporate BBQ catering as it provides a set menu of options. With our cocktail hour portion, guests can enjoy prawns, skewers and chicken satay prior to entering the main course, which includes sides and salads alongside New York strip-loin and salmon or chicken kebabs. Late night options are an excellent accompaniment after your guests have enjoyed a full meal with beverages and refreshments.

5. Corporate BBQ Catering can set the theme for your event

Corporate events, especially around the Holiday season or as a summer get-together, are often accompanied with a set theme. A BBQ menu often positions events as business casual, which helps your guests understand attire, purpose and positioning of the event. With corporate BBQ catering menus, your theme can be easily set and guests will be ready to enjoy themselves!

At Catering Visions, we offer many menu options for our clients, from corporate BBQ to traditional menus and custom solutions in between. With the Spring approaching us, we are getting ready for the weather to warm up and the BBQs to come out of hiding! To learn more about menus for your next corporate event, click here to connect with our team.