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An Intimate Catered Picnic is Perfect for Lifting Spirits!

So many of us find ourselves feeling sad these days. The world as we knew it is absent for the time being and our time with friends and family has often been reduced to video calls and sometimes even waves through a window. We know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel but […]

Catering Options for Small Weddings are Abundant!

If you have a wedding scheduled to take place during the remainder of 2020, there’s a good chance you’ve had to alter your plans. During this time of pandemic restrictions, some couples have decided to put their marriage plans on the back burner for now while others are simply going ahead with a simple backyard […]

Team-building Staff Lunches Offer Great Food and Camaraderie

In recent years, companies large and small have become more in tune with “team building”, offering activities and events that help employees bond with one another with the notion that when teams are strengthened, work is done more efficiently and collaboration happens more easily. Indeed, experts find that socializing and creating friendships in the workplace […]

Making Finger Foods a Meal at Your Next Catered Party

Who doesn’t love eating with their hands? From the joy of eating small bits of food from the tray of your highchair as a baby to the indulgence of devouring a few hot dogs as you watch your favorite team play, finger food is fun and carefree. So, why not include finger foods at your […]

5 Pros of Having a Midweek Wedding

You’re engaged!! Now it’s time to give some thought to all the details of the wedding, including when it will happen, where it will be held, who will be in the bridal party, and what kind of food you’ll serve at the reception. Weddings are quite a big deal and all the planning can be […]

Mix It Up with A La Carte Options for Your Wedding

If you’ve started to search for a caterer for your wedding (or your next large party), you’ve probably seen lots of meal “packages”; that is, menus that don’t allow for a lot of flexibility. Perhaps you’ve found these kinds of catering menus while searching online or even when you’ve met with a caterer or a […]

Turkey or Roast Beef for Your Holiday Feast

So, to which team do you belong – Team Turkey or Team Roast Beef? Everyone has different preferences for their holiday dinners and the choices for entrees usually come down to the traditional turkey feast or some sort of beef delicacy, like a rib roast. It’s often hard to decide. Many cooks opt for their […]

Employ Flavours from Different Countries in Your Catering Menu

We’ve all been there. Catered events that include some sort of baked chicken, potatoes or rice, and a handful of green beans. There’s a boring old salad to start and maybe chocolate cake for dessert. It’s not very interesting but, hey, it’s what’s available so you eat it. But catered meals don’t need to be […]

Benefits of a Brunch Wedding

Weddings are wonderful occasions, but they can certainly be expensive and anxiety-producing. These days, planning for a wedding sometimes takes more than a year and involves everything from choosing the right dress and bridal party outfits to securing that perfect venue you’ve always had your eye on and knew would be your wedding venue someday. […]