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Turkey or Roast Beef for Your Holiday Feast

So, to which team do you belong – Team Turkey or Team Roast Beef? Everyone has different preferences for their holiday dinners and the choices for entrees usually come down to the traditional turkey feast or some sort of beef delicacy, like a rib roast. It’s often hard to decide. Many cooks opt for their […]

Employ Flavours from Different Countries in Your Catering Menu

We’ve all been there. Catered events that include some sort of baked chicken, potatoes or rice, and a handful of green beans. There’s a boring old salad to start and maybe chocolate cake for dessert. It’s not very interesting but, hey, it’s what’s available so you eat it. But catered meals don’t need to be […]

Benefits of a Brunch Wedding

Weddings are wonderful occasions, but they can certainly be expensive and anxiety-producing. These days, planning for a wedding sometimes takes more than a year and involves everything from choosing the right dress and bridal party outfits to securing that perfect venue you’ve always had your eye on and knew would be your wedding venue someday. […]

Food Ideas to Make Dazzling Winter Weddings Sparkle and Shine

Can’t you just picture it?? The beautiful bride and handsome groom emerge from their ceremony, the ground glistening with a light dusting of snow and the trees twinkling with a bit of frost that just seems to make the whole world sparkle a little brighter. Winter weddings are magical and there’s so much one can […]