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Bountiful Benefits of Buffet Catering

So, you have a major event coming up within the next year or so. Perhaps it’s a holiday soiree or maybe a business luncheon or even a wedding. And if there’s to be food involved, there’s no doubt that you’ve been thinking about the best options for your main meal. When it comes to serving […]

Holiday Event Catering

It’s that time of year and you want to go “all out” for the holidays! You can just hear those sleigh bells ringing, you’ve written down all your party ideas, and you can’t wait to plan the perfect gala for your family and friends. As a matter of fact, this is the one time of […]

It’s Not Too Early to Plan Your Holiday Party Catering Details

Yup. The holidays are coming. We bet you’ve gone into your favourite big box or department store in the last few weeks and witnessed rows of Halloween costumes, candy, and jack-o-lanterns on one side of the aisle and Christmas decorations and goodies on the other. After all, there’s only a few months left to plan […]

BBQ Catering a Great Autumn Alternative to Traditional Menus

Aah, barbecue! Just think about it for a moment and chances are that, in your imagination, you can smell (and hear) those sizzling beef burgers, succulent ribs, tasty chicken, and all the mouth-watering side dishes that go along with a delicious BBQ meal. Fact is that just about everyone loves a barbecue. It’s a down-to-earth, […]

Choosing a Wedding Menu That’s Perfect for You AND Your Guests

The proposal is complete. The date is set. The bridal party is chosen. You’ve picked a restaurant or other venue for the dinner. So, now it’s time to think about the wedding menu. What makes weddings memorable? Chances are that if you asked a group of 10 people what they remember about a particular nuptial, […]

Choosing Catering Companies: Don’t Just Look at the Price

We’ve all turned to catering companies at one time or another for a special occasion happening in our life or the lives of our family. We’ve hesitantly (or eagerly) abandoned the idea of preparing all the food for our event in favour of turning the job over to the professionals and just sitting back and […]