Breakfast Catering Feeds More than the Stomach

When you were a child, chances are your mom or dad repeatedly told you how important to was to eat breakfast. Maybe even your teachers stressed the importance of that first meal of the day. After all, it’s been proven that starting your morning with a healthy meal not only satisfies your hunger but also gives you extra energy and stimulates your brain, getting you ready for the day ahead.

If you’re like many adults, however, your good breakfast habits may have started to dwindle as you got older. Many high schoolers, for example, depart their home in the morning without eating breakfast, losing out on that meal because they slept through their alarm and are running for the bus. Many adults in the workforce tend to disregard the importance of breakfast too, opting instead for a quick cup of coffee, a pastry, or perhaps a piece of fruit they can eat in the car or on the train.

That’s too bad. Breakfast really is an essential meal…and an ideal one to share with colleagues or friends, whether at work or elsewhere. After all, it’s a meal that feeds not only your body – which is hungry after a long night’s sleep – but also your brain. And, besides, it’s delicious!

Corporate Breakfast

Mornings aren’t for everyone, but research shows that the a.m. hours are a good time for serious tasks. Author Daniel Pink, in his book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, says that mornings are best for focusing and analyzing, including working with others, while afternoons are made for looser, free-thinking tasks.

That makes breakfast the ideal meal for companies that want to get the proverbial think-tank going. A good meal, shared by colleagues, is not only perfect for networking but might also be a great way to get the ideas flowing in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere.

Group Breakfasts

Similarly, sharing breakfast with others who are members of an organization to which you belong can be fun and productive as well. For example, enjoying a group breakfast with other volunteers, not-for-profit board members, women’s clubs, men’s organizations, or any other group of which you are a part, adds not only a social aspect to membership but also provides time to discuss goals and dreams. Such a discussion over a tasty breakfast every so often also offers a rare opportunity to get to know one another outside of meetings and other more formal settings.

Catered or DIY?

As with any group meal, breakfasts can be organized by the host company or organization itself or a caterer can be used. It’s a matter of preference, but it’s good to remember that organizing such a meal can be a time-consuming task and, often, that time is better used on other things.

By hiring a caterer who offers breakfast options, you’re not only saving time but you will also be assured that everything will be done correctly and completely, and there won’t be any need to assign tasks such as picking up food and drink, purchasing tableware, and buying centerpieces to employees who – usually – rather not have that responsibility.

A breakfast caterer does it all, from helping you plan the menu and choosing food options to supplying the tableware, linens, and all the condiments needed. It’s all inclusive! The caterer does the set-up, break-down, and everything in between.

Hot or Cold?

Everyone’s idea of breakfast is a little different, so options are good!

Breakfast catering can include a “continental” menu, which would feature items such as fresh baked goods like muffins, croissants, and pastries, as well as fruit, juice, and coffee/tea. It’s simple and involves little set-up.

Most caterers who specialize in breakfast also offer hot options, which might include trays of steaming hot scrambled eggs, a variety of scrumptious breakfast meats, potatoes, and some cold items as well. Another good choice for a group morning meal is breakfast sandwiches, which usually include egg, meat, and cheese on a muffin or bagel or in a tortilla wrap. Yum!

Continental breakfasts are lower in price because they require less preparation and can be an excellent option for the company that wants to offer a meal but has a limited budget. Hot breakfasts cost a little more but are generally lower in price than lunch or dinner, making them a money-saving option in general.

What’s the Occasion?

While you don’t need to be marking a special occasion in order to schedule a group or corporate breakfast, sharing the morning meal is indeed a good way to celebrate landmark moments for your company or organization, such as:

  • Meeting or surpassing company goals
  • Welcoming a new executive
  • Celebrating a notable anniversary
  • Marking the retirement of a long-time employee
  • Kicking off a fundraiser or other special event
  • Celebrating Christmas/Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, national holidays, or even the start of summer

Choosing a Breakfast Caterer

Sold on the idea of a corporate or organizational breakfast? Great! Next, you’ll need to find the right caterer, so look for one in your region that has a reputation for good food, offers a good value, and is flexible and will work with you to create a breakfast that fits not only your needs and wants but also your budget. Ask friends and colleagues for references and be sure to check those references before you hire the caterer in question.