Mix It Up with A La Carte Options for Your Wedding

If you’ve started to search for a caterer for your wedding (or your next large party), you’ve probably seen lots of meal “packages”; that is, menus that don’t allow for a lot of flexibility. Perhaps you’ve found these kinds of catering menus while searching online or even when you’ve met with a caterer or a reception venue manager in person.

Typically, with such a menu you’ll be offered the choice of a handful of appetizers, a salad, maybe two or three entrees (from a list of about 6-8), and a dessert. You might have some opportunity to make some changes, but these menus aren’t as flexible as you might like.

But as the best caterers in the business recognize the need to diversify a bit, these traditional meal choices are perhaps fading in popularity as other choices become more prevalent.

Enter, for example, the a la carte option, which has become more of a trend at weddings and other large gatherings. A la carte options give you the opportunity to mix it up, so to speak, and to perhaps select dishes that reflect the culture and background as well as the likes of both the bride and the groom.

Why a la carte?

Consider the fact that among millennials there are more interracial and interfaith marriages than ever before and that makes it easy to understand why such flexibility in wedding catering is essential. The couple may be looking to combine two or more heritages into one meal, providing them the opportunity to treat their guests to the food with which they’ve grown up in their respective households. A la carte options – a little from each culture – make sense.

Caterers who thrive on letting their guests know that they are willing to think out of the box rather than stick with one or two traditional menus are the ones that are attracting couples who really want to give a bit of themselves to their guests who’ve come to enjoy the wedding meal.

Making it cohesive

The biggest trick, however, is to take those foods from different countries or cultures and meld them into a meal that makes sense. As the caterer tries to fuse these varied traditions, he or she needs to come up with a way for the meal to flow sensibly. For example, you wouldn’t want to serve Moroccan Chicken with a helping of hearty Italian gnocchi on the side. That just doesn’t go together!

Most caterers have discovered that the best way to handle such fusions is to break them up into courses. For example, if you’re hoping to combine Asian cuisine with French cooking, you might offer a variety of small dim sum-type appetizers followed by a classic French entrée with sides. You might end with a dessert buffet that includes options from both cultures.

That really is the trick…to make to it all work together, say caterers who’ve been finding the need to offer such a la carte options more and more often in the past several years. An experienced, creative caterer can take the suggestions of the couple and/or the wedding hosts (parents, etc.), hone them a bit if necessary, make his/her own suggestions, and come up with a menu that’s interesting and exciting for the guests while meeting the wants and wishes of the bride and groom.

Finding an a la carte caterer

Serving good quality wedding food is important to most couples, regardless of how creative or traditional they might want to be with the menu. But when the bride and groom really are thinking outside the box, it’s essential to find a catering service that’s willing to go the extra mile and work with the couple to craft a menu that may be a little different.

These days, many couples looking for a la carte options begin their search on the internet, seeking a caterer in their area who does more than roast beef, potatoes, green beans, and chocolate cake. As you search, a good rule of thumb is to look for website text that talks about “customizing” your own menu. That means the chefs are willing to merge your ideas with theirs to come up with something that’ll please you and your guests while also speaking to your personality, heritage, or culture.

While you’ll likely pay a little more for these custom options, most couples will agree that money spent on delicious, quality food is money well spent. After all, when all is said and done, your guests may not remember the color of the napkins or the title of the song for the first dance, but they will remember what you served them for dinner.


Looking for information on a la carte options for your wedding? Call us at 604-657-8373 and speak to a member of our team.

Turkey or Roast Beef for Your Holiday Feast

So, to which team do you belong – Team Turkey or Team Roast Beef?

Everyone has different preferences for their holiday dinners and the choices for entrees usually come down to the traditional turkey feast or some sort of beef delicacy, like a rib roast. It’s often hard to decide. Many cooks opt for their favorite or sometimes choose the one that’s easier to prepare, while others take a vote amongst family members and choose the holiday entrée that gets the most positive nods.

So, let’s take a look at the two options for a moment.

Totally Turkey

Turkey has long been the Christmas favorite. Did you know that turkey is said to have first appeared as a holiday feast on English tables way back in the 16th century? That’s right. It slowly replaced the main course of boar, which was popular in medieval England. (There’s even a Christmas carol written about the boar’s head feast!) History shows that King Henry VIII (yup, the one with the six wives) was the first monarch to have turkey for Christmas dinner.

The popularity of eating turkey for the holidays continued to spread and – along with the goose – became the meal of choice in England. You might remember the scene in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, written in 1843, where Scrooge sends Bob Cratchit out to get the largest turkey he can find so that his family – including Tiny Tim – can enjoy a delicious and plentiful meal for Christmas.

In English-speaking Canada, the tradition is very much the same. Turkey often takes center stage along with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and wonderful vegetables to round out the meal.

There are a number of reasons, besides tradition, for choosing turkey for your holiday feast. Firstly, it’s a very healthy meat. Turkey is low in fat and a nutritious option, though when paired with the usual trimmings, it becomes a bit less so. It’s also less costly than beef and other red meats and supermarkets often offer specials on turkey around holiday time.

Beautiful Beef

But then there’s that scrumptious red meat – roast beef. If you covet a sizzling steak or a delicious rib roast, this might be the way to go for your holiday feast.

While turkey is turkey, usually roasted in an oven and lightly seasoned with herbs, beef can come in many forms. While not as traditional as turkey or even ham, beef has become a festive option for many families and takes center stage at parties small and large. Why? Because it’s often viewed as decadent, a real treat that’s a bit of a splurge. And you certainly deserve an extra treat and a bit of indulgence at Christmastime, right?

Perhaps you’ll opt for the perfect prime rib. A little costly but well worth the expense, prime rib is succulent and delicious, especially when cooked to a proper medium or medium rare. The exterior can be garnished with just salt and pepper and it’ll taste amazing, or you can add other herbs and spices according to your taste.

Beef tenderloin is also an excellent option. It can be sliced thinly or you can offer robust slices that resemble steak. It’s delicious and, again, you can season it in a variety of ways.

Another wonderful choice for Christmas dinner is Beef Wellington, a beef tenderloin roast wrapped in flaky pastry, often with a mixture of mushrooms placed between the seasoned beef and the pastry. It both looks and tastes beautiful and will be a hit with guests of all ages.

Turkey or beef for catered parties?

If you’re considering hiring a caterer for an upcoming holiday party, you’ll need to think about your menu and – no doubt – you’ll need to consider what you want to offer for the main course.

At Catering Visions, we offer a variety of options for holiday parties and both turkey and beef are definitely “on the menu” for our Christmas party offerings. The chefs at Catering Visions can work with you to come up with a party menu that will best accommodate the size of your gathering as well as the budget with which you’re working.

Whether this is a work-related party or a personal at-home affair, there are catering options that involve both beef or turkey and – in some instances – you might even choose to offer both since you may encounter guests who don’t eat red meat while others love it. Pair either with the right side dishes along with appetizers and dessert and you’ve got a holiday meal that’s fun and festive.

Need help planning your holiday party menu? Call the professionals at Catering Visions for a consultation. It’s not too late to plan the perfect holiday meal!

Employ Flavours from Different Countries in Your Catering Menu

We’ve all been there. Catered events that include some sort of baked chicken, potatoes or rice, and a handful of green beans. There’s a boring old salad to start and maybe chocolate cake for dessert. It’s not very interesting but, hey, it’s what’s available so you eat it.

But catered meals don’t need to be boring and they don’t need to be the same old, same old. A creative caterer can provide you with numerous options including incorporating flavours from different countries into your next catered event.

So many of us enjoy sampling cuisine from different countries and cultures, either because we’re part of those cultures or simply because we’re adventurous eaters. Eating is one of the true joys of life and the opportunity to expand one’s palate is a delight. So, why shouldn’t these diverse offerings be available when using a caterer?

The good news is that many caterers are eager to step out of the box and away from the chicken, pasta, and other traditional party foods. Find a caterer with a chef who loves to try his/her hand at different recipes and it’s likely that the sky’s the limit as far as crafting a menu that incorporates international favorites.

Consider some of these for your next corporate event, family gathering, or wedding reception.

African Adventure

  • Cucumber and mango salad (East Africa)
  • Piri Piri chicken (Mozambique)
  • Jollof rice (Nigeria)
  • “Bunny Chow” curry (South Africa)
  • Biryanis (Zanzibar)

Mexican Fiesta

  • Tequila lime grilled chicken
  • Stuffed poblano peppers
  • A taco bar with fixings
  • Red rice
  • Refried beans
  • Fried ice cream, sopapilla, or dessert empanadas

Greek Island Delights

  • Gyros – lamb, chicken, or pork, with tzatziki sauce
  • Chicken skewers with Greek yogurt dipping sauce
  • Greek salad
  • Hummus and pitas
  • Baklava

Idyllic Italian

  • Caprese salad
  • Antipasto
  • Risotto
  • Chicken or eggplant parmesan
  • Lasagna
  • Cannoli or tiramisu

Caribbean Cuisine

  • Tropical fruit salad
  • Jamaican jerk chicken
  • Grilled fish with mango salsa
  • Yuca fries or yuca mashed potatoes
  • Conch salad
  • Coco bread
  • Fruity bread pudding or rice pudding

So, if you’re interested in adding some international flair to your next catered event, by all means, take some time to jot down your ideas and present them to the caterers you’re considering. If you’re met with resistance, move on to the next caterer on your list.

Remember, a truly good caterer may not necessary embrace all of your ideas (sometimes certain dishes are just not practical for large group events) but will review your suggestions, latch on to some of them, and also make recommendations of their own to enhance your ideas and provide a wonderful international meal for your guests.


Benefits of a Brunch Wedding

Weddings are wonderful occasions, but they can certainly be expensive and anxiety-producing. These days, planning for a wedding sometimes takes more than a year and involves everything from choosing the right dress and bridal party outfits to securing that perfect venue you’ve always had your eye on and knew would be your wedding venue someday.

But, as weddings become more and more expensive, many couples have come to the realization that the $5000 dress and the reception hall with lasers and $150-per-plate dinners simply don’t need to be a part of the plan. Many recognize that their wedding day is all about spending time with family and friends and have shifted their plans to a more easy going, budget-friendly option. A brunch wedding is one of those options.

The benefits of a brunch wedding are many and most of them are both cost- and anxiety-reducing. Planning a brunch wedding is easier than planning an elaborate evening soiree and will likely save thousands of dollars that can be better used for a honeymoon or to set up that first home or apartment. Consider these benefits.

  • It’s easier to find a venue – In many cases, the most popular wedding venues in your city/town are probably booked more than a year in advance. That means if you’re considering a date during a popular wedding time, you’ll need to plan far ahead of time and must be willing to pay top dollar for an evening affair. Conversely, if you schedule a brunch wedding, you’ll find that time slots between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. are much more readily available and will be less costly.
  • Everything associated with a brunch is less expensive – Besides being able to nab a venue or restaurant at a lower cost, brunch foods – in general – tend to be less expensive than foods chosen for an elaborate buffet or plated dinner. It’s also less likely you’ll have to deal with an open bar – which can add thousands to your bill – but can instead offer something simple like mimosas, Bloody Marys, or a glass of champagne. All of this means you can up your guest list without breaking the bank, too.
  • Formal or informal – Truly, brunches can be as fancy or as casual as the wedding couple wishes. The formality of the wedding can be determined by both the food and the decorations as well as the ambiance of the venue.
  • More time to celebrate – Scheduling a morning wedding followed by a brunch reception means the formal festivities will likely be over by 2-3 pm rather than midnight or 1 a.m. You can then spend the rest of the day with close family and friends at home or elsewhere and even plan some sort of other fun activity afterwards, like ice skating in the winter or an outdoor activity in the warmer months.
  • The honeymoon starts sooner – When you’re not partying until 1 a.m., you can arrange your travel plans so that you may depart for your honeymoon trip by early evening or even late afternoon. There are many more flights available during the day, and if you’re driving you can get a head start before it gets dark.
  • The food is scrumptious – Nearly everyone loves brunch food! Eggs and breakfast meats, potatoes, pasta, carving stations, fresh fruit, muffins and scones, waffles, bagels, French toast…there are so many, many options, both hot and cold. Furthermore, brunch foods can be easily served buffet-style if you wish but can also be plated or served family-style, where everyone at the table shares from a large platter of each item. You might even consider an omelet station or a cereal bar!
  • Anxiety is reduced – Seriously, it’s so much easier to plan a brunch wedding than a fancy evening reception. Stress levels go down because there are far fewer decisions to make about food, decorations, and more.

If you’re considering the benefits of a brunch wedding, check with your caterer about menu ideas that suit your tastes and your budget. Creative caterers will be ale to craft a lovely brunch that you and your guests will remember with fondness, recalling the beauty and simplicity of the day and the joy of sharing in your special occasion.

Food Ideas to Make Dazzling Winter Weddings Sparkle and Shine

Can’t you just picture it?? The beautiful bride and handsome groom emerge from their ceremony, the ground glistening with a light dusting of snow and the trees twinkling with a bit of frost that just seems to make the whole world sparkle a little brighter.

Winter weddings are magical and there’s so much one can do with colors and hues to create a winter wonderland or even a lovely Christmas tableau. And there’s also wonderful food offerings available that speak of the warm flavors of winter or the holidays and the comfort we look for in a meal on a cold winter day.

Choosing a creative caterer

If you’ve chosen a winter wedding, chances are you have some ideas in mind for your wedding dinner/reception menu. It’s not likely that you’re thinking of cool summer salads, ice cream sundaes, or menu items that seem to indicate other seasons of the year.

So, the first thing you need is a caterer who has a good winter wedding menu in place or one who would be willing to stray from their “regular” menus and work with you to craft a winter- or holiday-themed menu that fulfills your dreams for your wedding meal. Flexibility is key when it comes to choosing a caterer, and creativity is equally as high on the list of characteristics you seek in a good one as well.

When interviewing caterers for winter weddings, talk about the mood you wish to portray and what you hope guests will take away with them when they leave. Suggest some foods but be willing to let the caterer guide you – the bride and groom, parents, or whomever is paying for the dinner – as to what works best for a gathering of your size.

Menu ideas for winter weddings

In most cases, winter weddings in Canada happen on cold days…or, at least, chilly ones. That means your guests will be looking for “comfort foods” that warm their insides. There are many options that can be adapted to a larger group. Some you might consider are:

  • Small mugs or glasses of soup like tomato bisque or other creamy offerings like mushroom or butternut squash. (You can even include a triangle of grilled cheese and offer these together as an appetizer.)
  • How about a poutine or baked potato bar? These are great choices for a stick-to-your-ribs winter meal and guests have fun doing their own thing to make the potatoes uniquely theirs.
  • For cocktails, consider including something like hot mulled wine or some sort of spiked warm cider.
  • Salads can look festive and wintery by using spinach as the base and toppings such as feta or goat cheese, pomegranate seeds or cranberries, green apples or pears, and walnuts or pecans. Consider a warm dressing to top it off.
  • For the main course, beef is an excellent choice for winter weddings. Filets or another tender cut are delicious and can be complemented with a hearty baked or mashed potato and some root vegetables. For vegetarians, cheese- or lobster-filled ravioli with a cream sauce is a nice option as is salmon with cranberry topping or something similar. Pork works well, too.
  • Dessert for winter weddings lends itself towards choices like molten chocolate cake or perhaps a traditional crème brulee. Yum!
  • Be sure to have plenty of hot coffee and tea available and consider something else fun that the kids will like, such as a hot chocolate bar with a variety of toppings. (The adults will adore it, too!)

Your caterer will have many more ideas for your sparkling winter wedding and, together, you’ll be able to design the ideal menu for your guests. Take time to carefully peruse the choices that satisfy not only your palate but your budget as well.

Catering Service For Corporate Events – How To Manage Dietary Restrictions

Chances are, you know someone who is currently on a lifestyle diet. Whether a low-carb diet (the most popular in 2019, with 31.1% of millennials expressing an interest in this eating lifestyle), or a vegan or vegetarian friend or colleague, there are dietary restrictions all around us. So, when it. comes to booking a catering service for corporate events, how can you manage such restrictions or requests?

Today, providing a wide variety of options at an event is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. At Catering Visions, we have been developing custom breakfast, lunch and dinner menu options for years, and while keeping up with your guests’ restrictions can be a challenge, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Here are the most popular special diets you should know about and how to manage them when partnering with a catering service for corporate events


1. Vegetarian diets

Vegetarians do not eat meat, seafood or poultry, though they do eat food derived from animals, such as eggs or dairy. With this diet, unlike the vegan diet, it is simple to remember as it is essentially “anything but animals”.

Great ideas for vegetarians are:

  • Vegetarian sandwiches
  • Mixed vegetable medleys
  • Tomato and goat cheese quiche


2. Pescatarian diet

Pescatarian diets are similar to vegetarian, though they accept seafood within the diet. This means that any and all seafood can be consumed; from salmon to shrimp, and everything in between.

Lunch items for vegetarians can include:

  • Seafood and mushroom risotto
  • Planked salmon with wild rice
  • Shrimp pad thai


3. Keto diet

The keto diet reduces carb intake by less than 50 grams per day. For reference, this is less than the amount of carbs in a plain bagel. As such, cooking for a keto diet needs creativity!

This creativity can actually be a lot of fun.

Here are some great keto recipes to create:

  • Coconut curry with vegetables
  • Baked chicken with onions
  • Satay salmon and zoodle salad


4. Paleo diet

The paleo diet is an interesting one, as it is arguably one of the most basic diets around. The paleo diet reflects our hunter-gatherer ancestors, in the sense that it consists of meat, fish, vegetables, and more. It does not include dairy, beans and grains, as these were not on our dinner menu when our ancestors were walking the earth!

Check out some of these great paleo ideas:

  • Pulled pork with butter lettuce
  • Vegetable-stuffed chicken
  • Sirloin with sautéed kale and spinach


5. Raw food diet

Here’s a twist! Raw foodists eat menu items that are never heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Only 75% – 80% of raw foodists actually follow the diet each and every day (you can only imagine how difficult it would be to follow!)

This diet traces back to the late 1800s, when a series of experiments began that tested the effects of raw food on human health. Since then, the diet has evolved tremendously.

  • Lettuce wraps (easy to create as an appetizer!)
  • Soups (from raw mushroom soup to mango and ginger soup)
  • Colorful fruit salads


Whatever the diet, know that there are always options to support your guests who are being mindful of their health. At Catering Visions, we have supported corporate clients with their diet requests for years! At your next event, consider how Catering Visions can help you create the perfect array of options for your guests.


Corporate Breakfast Catering For Your Next Big Meeting

Whether it is a new business pitch, a meeting with current clients or an executive gathering, what you serve on the board room table can go a long way in making a great first impression. For breakfast meetings particularly, your prospects, clients or employees are generally coming in early to attend your meeting and likely have a high expectation on breakfast that will be served.

Have no fear! Undoubtedly the easiest and most delectable way to impress at a morning meeting is with corporate breakfast catering. From hot foods to healthy, platter options, corporate breakfast catering will take the guesswork out of your day.


Here are 5 corporate breakfast catering tips for your next big meeting


1. Offer warm food options, and keep it hot!

When it comes to catered food, warm food options are a must. With breakfast items you can offer home style hash-browns, crispy bacon, fresh farm eggs and more.

The most important part of offering warm food options is to keep it hot! Remember to have warming options, which your caterer should provide. Place the breakfast bar close to an electrical outlet so the food warmer can be easily plugged in.


2. Provide alternatives for vegetarian attendees

We have written about providing dietary alternatives for guests who are vegetarian, and the same should be said for the breakfast meal. Consider creating a breakfast menu with tempeh in addition to bacon, or a tofu scramble alongside the egg dish.


3. Don’t skip on the fresh basked goods!

For those who prefer a lighter breakfast, you can’t forget the fresh baked goods. From danishes and muffins to scones and turnovers, offering fresh baked goods will provide your guests with options that also compliment your hot foods.

Bonus: Keeping the fresh basked goods as a mid-meeting snack, after your hot breakfast, will impress your guests! 


4. Did someone say waffle bar?

Providing something unique and with flair for your guests will leave a lasting impression. A great option is a customized waffle bar before your meeting. With fresh waffles provided, you can have your guests add extras like whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, or delectable pieces of chocolate.

This unique addition to your corporate breakfast catering menu will help to break the ice before getting started with your day.


5. It’s always best to have more than less

…especially during breakfast. 93% of Americans believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which means that your guests will be arriving hungry!

This means that it is important to have more, rather than less, food available for your guests. An array of options will help to ensure your guests begin the meeting feeling content and ready start the day.


At Catering Visions, we have been providing corporate breakfast catering options for years. As you are preparing your next meeting, consider the benefits of having a delectable breakfast option available for your meeting guests.

Inspiring Menu Items To Prepare For The Fall Season

The Summer is upon us and before we know it, we’ll be well into the Fall Season. Can you believe how quickly this year is moving? With the Fall season comes new menus with food items that are in season, warm soups that you have been craving since the Spring and herbs that are in their final stages of being picked. The dream of catering companies!

As our clients are preparing for their Fall corporate events, we are creating inspiring menus that we are certain will impress your corporate guests.


Here are four inspiring menu items for the Fall Season we know you will love


1.  Bring on the mixed roasted vegetables

One of the easiest, and most delicious, side dishes in the Fall is a beautiful roasted vegetable dish. From roasted yams and squash, to chopped peppers and zucchini, fresh and roasted vegetables is an excellent addition to any meal.

This side dish can compliment virtually any meal, from meats to poultry. It is worth noting that vegetables are high in fibre, and are very filling in nature, so you may wish to accompany with light salads.


2.  Warm Greek chicken souvlaki and accompaniments

There is nothing more soothing and comforting like Greek food, right? You might see a plethora of options from other catering companies, though we love to keep it simple in our corporate dishes – like chicken or vegetable souvlaki, with rice pilaf, a Greek salad and pita bread.

On a cool, Fall day, there is truly nothing like a hearty Greek dish with plenty of accompaniments.


3.  Seasonal, fresh seafood will make for a light and delectable dish for catering companies

Living in the Pacific, we are lucky to have access to fresh and seasonal seafood dishes a-plenty. Here’s a quick guide as to what is available in the Fall months:

  • Dungeness crab is available from November to February in the southern West Coast, and June through August in the Pacific Northwest
  • Halibut is available March through November
  • Sablefish is available from March through November
  • Spot prawns are available from February through December

Based on the above, you can create an array of dishes from Dungeness crab and a delicious baked potato, to Halibut and vegetables. Understanding what is in-season is not only a great list to have while in a grocery store, it is also handy when working with catering companies in developing your perfect menu.

To learn more about seasonal seafood and more, click here.


4. Soup, soup and more soup!

For a sit-down lunch or dinner, a warm and hearty soup is an excellent appetizer or starting dish, especially in the Fall. From a very hearty option, like a chilli, to a light and fresh butternut squash soup, you can select a soup that accompanies your main dish well.

As shared in our blog last month on Vegetarian and Vegan food options, soups can be made to suit many diets and lifestyles, from the aforementioned Vegetarian and Vegan to those who are gluten free or celiac.


With the Fall coming up quicker than we might like to imagine, there are plenty of food options to create a delicious and delectable menu for your corporate guests. To learn more about customizing your menu, contact us here.

Corporate Catering Tips for Vegetarian Guests

As we enter 2020, the number of Vegetarians or those who follow a plant based diet is only increasing. Vegetarian and Vegan-forward restaurants are opening with great success, #MeatlessMonday has become a hashtag that is popular on Instagram and Twitter, and plant based bloggers are becoming influencers.

As such, corporate catering menus need to adapt to these lifestyle and diet choices in order to accommodate guests. While some might consider this an overwhelming task, we have been developing vegetarian-focused menus for years!


If you have a corporate catering event coming up, here are six tips to accommodate your vegetarian guests.


1. Move away from the salad

Vegetarians can all agree on one thing – if they are sitting down for a meal and they select the Vegetarian option, it certainly shouldn’t be a salad!

There is a common misconception that salads are the only thing a vegetarian eats; and it’s just that, a misconception. While a great Greek Salad or couscous blend is an excellent starter, it is important to consider alternatives for the main dish.


2. Consider a plant based protein

For a balanced meal, your corporate menu should consider a plant based protein for your Vegetarian or Vegan guests. Excellent protein options for plant based individuals can include tofu, tempeh or bean based options.

Tofu can be a great addition or replacement to a meat option for a main dish. For example, you can replace a chicken stir-fry with tofu, keeping all of the same sauces and sides.


3. Surprise – many of your appetizers might already be Vegetarian

Taking a look at your current menu options, some of your appetizers might already be meat-less, which removes any sort of customizations and extra additions for you, the host. Bruschetta, vegetable skewers, gourmet cheese (not vegan, but vegetarian) are all excellent options to provide for many lifestyles.


4. There are some delectable plant-based desserts available

Fresh fruits, gourmet crackers and vegan cheeses, watermelon “cake” and more are all plant-based and simply delicious. While you will likely offer other options (such as meats and cheeses, cakes and pastries), you might be surprised at how much you can create, that is plant based!


5. Vegan-ize any barbeque items, even burgers

If you are searching for a casual menu, you might be selecting a barbeque style of lunch or dinner. Think pork ribs, chicken breast and roasted potatoes.

The greatest part of a casual barbeque is that you can truly vegan-ize any of these items. There are a plethora of plant-based burgers that can be made, from bean-based to soy-based. In fact, 93% of people who are purchasing and consuming plant-based burgers like the Beyond Meat burger are meat eaters, so you may find yourself attracting a large crowd!


6. Invite your guests to provide their favourite menu item recommendations

While we are in a period of transition, the transition of our population considering plant based and Vegetarian dishes more and more often, you can expect to receive feedback from your corporate catering guests. As such, why not ask your guests to provide their recommendations on menu items and requests? You may very well receive feedback that can be used to create your next menu.


While you create your upcoming lunch or dinner corporate catering menu, you might consider Vegetarian or Vegan menu items. Don’t be afraid to create a blended menu that suits all guests of your event, never jeopardizing taste for diet!


Why You Should Partner With A Local Caterer

Whether it is your wedding, a luncheon or a corporate event, partnering with a caterer is often a must on your list. We’ve long shared what you should consider when looking for a caterer, though have you considered why you should partner with a local caterer, specifically?

Catering in Surrey, BC presents a wide variety of options, from varying cuisines to service offerings. Having been in the business for over 15 years, we understand what our clients are looking for in a trusted caterer.

That’s why we always recommend our clients to choose local. Just like sourcing for local foods or products, there are plenty of benefits to partnering with a local caterer in Surrey, BC.

Read on for our five reasons why you should partner with a local caterer.


1. Local caterers understand local venues.

Having worked with clients since 2003, we have truly been everywhere – from corporate offices to local golf courses and venue halls. As such, we understand the intricacies of such venues, be it the quirks of the kitchen or where we can access the nearest power source.

Partnering with a local caterer means you have a breadth of experience behind you.


2. Sourcing local foods offers both value, taste and health benefits

There is no doubt that sourcing local foods offers a wide variety of benefits. Local foods are shown to be healthier for you and for the environment.

With a local caterer, you will benefit from relationships built with local providers, such as local farmers or distributers, to offer foods that are rich in flavour and healthy options.

Working with local farmers, particularly, can open areas of opportunity to source excellent meats and produce, ensuring freshness at your next lunch or dinner table.


3. Schedule in-person consultations quicker and easier

If nothing else, working with a local caterer means you can have a thorough consultation that is easy to schedule. At Catering Visions, we believe that consultations are integral in the success of any event. While we have event menus available for your review, these are simply menus to begin with. Every single one of our events are created with customizations in mind, to ensure your guests receive only the best in their appetizers or meal.


4. Chances are, we’ve worked with someone you know

Partnering with a local caterer in Surrey, BC means that you can source referrals from local clients. Chances are, we’ve worked with someone you know over the last number of years! Having had hundreds and hundreds of clients means we have great referrals to provide you. Head on over to our photo gallery and take a look at some of our past work!


5. We are aware of in-season food options

Local caterers are not only able to provide locally sourced food options, we are also very aware of in-season foods and beverages. Many of our guests prefer to eat what is local and in-season, such as potatoes and kale in the Fall, and apples, peaches and sweeter options in the Summer (think – Summer salads!)

In-season food options are an excellent way to deliver some impressive menus for your next event, regardless of the purpose or number of guests.


At Catering Visions, we recommend partnering with a local caterer. Not only can local caterers provide the vision and experience in your area of Surrey, BC that you require, we can also source the best of the best food, to ensure your guests have the ultimate in cuisine experience.

To learn more about how we can support your next event, contact us here.