When planning an event, there are so many decisions to make – from who to hire as your event planner, to where you will hold your event, to selecting your catering services and food menus. As such, we know that making these decisions can be overwhelming.

Looking particularly at catering services and food menus, we like to think that this is the most important decision you can make. After all, the food you present and menu you select can truly make or break the event!


When selecting your preferred caterer, there are key points we always recommend you consider.


Read online reviews

In this day and age, online reviews are more important than ever. From Google to Yelp, online reviews are truly the new method of referrals. When searching for catering services for your event, consider reading online reviews as you search through possible companies to work with.

Ask for an in-person or phone consultation

Consultations are important for any vendor with any event. We always recommend having a conversation with a company prior to making a decision as to who you will partner with. Why? Because in a consultation, you can determine whether a business will work with you in developing the best menu possible. At Catering Visions, our catering menus are not set in stone, though they will provide you with the framework to get started.

Search for photos

While the taste and texture of food at any event is important, presentation is equally as impressive. Search for photos on a search engine, on the catering services company’s website, or on social media. Do you feel inspired? Is it making your mouth water?

Determine – is customization possible?

Each and every event is different, whether corporate eventwedding menu, or simply a gathering of friends. As such, you might wish to customize your breakfast, lunch or dinner menu based on the nature of your event; therefore, it is important to ask your selected vendor if customization is possible.

Can your catering services company scale for small to large attendance?

As an event planner, you know that events can increase and decrease in attendance at the drop of a hat. Weddings, for example, can fluctuate. It is estimated that between 10 and 20 percent of those invited will decline, which leaves plenty of food for others! When selecting a catering services company, you should ask if the company can scale for small, medium or large attendance sizes. It is important to also ask when the company will require final headcount, as you should adjust your RSVP dates accordingly.

Selecting a catering partner to create the menu of your dreams, regardless of the theme or purpose of your event, can be overwhelming. After all, we know that there are plenty of companies in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley to choose from! When selecting your catering services partner, we encourage you to connect with us so that we can provide a consultation and review of how Catering Visions can partner with you for your next event.