The Summer is upon us and before we know it, we’ll be well into the Fall Season. Can you believe how quickly this year is moving? With the Fall season comes new menus with food items that are in season, warm soups that you have been craving since the Spring and herbs that are in their final stages of being picked. The dream of catering companies!

As our clients are preparing for their Fall corporate events, we are creating inspiring menus that we are certain will impress your corporate guests.


Here are four inspiring menu items for the Fall Season we know you will love


1.  Bring on the mixed roasted vegetables

One of the easiest, and most delicious, side dishes in the Fall is a beautiful roasted vegetable dish. From roasted yams and squash, to chopped peppers and zucchini, fresh and roasted vegetables is an excellent addition to any meal.

This side dish can compliment virtually any meal, from meats to poultry. It is worth noting that vegetables are high in fibre, and are very filling in nature, so you may wish to accompany with light salads.


2.  Warm Greek chicken souvlaki and accompaniments

There is nothing more soothing and comforting like Greek food, right? You might see a plethora of options from other catering companies, though we love to keep it simple in our corporate dishes – like chicken or vegetable souvlaki, with rice pilaf, a Greek salad and pita bread.

On a cool, Fall day, there is truly nothing like a hearty Greek dish with plenty of accompaniments.


3.  Seasonal, fresh seafood will make for a light and delectable dish for catering companies

Living in the Pacific, we are lucky to have access to fresh and seasonal seafood dishes a-plenty. Here’s a quick guide as to what is available in the Fall months:

  • Dungeness crab is available from November to February in the southern West Coast, and June through August in the Pacific Northwest
  • Halibut is available March through November
  • Sablefish is available from March through November
  • Spot prawns are available from February through December

Based on the above, you can create an array of dishes from Dungeness crab and a delicious baked potato, to Halibut and vegetables. Understanding what is in-season is not only a great list to have while in a grocery store, it is also handy when working with catering companies in developing your perfect menu.

To learn more about seasonal seafood and more, click here.


4. Soup, soup and more soup!

For a sit-down lunch or dinner, a warm and hearty soup is an excellent appetizer or starting dish, especially in the Fall. From a very hearty option, like a chilli, to a light and fresh butternut squash soup, you can select a soup that accompanies your main dish well.

As shared in our blog last month on Vegetarian and Vegan food options, soups can be made to suit many diets and lifestyles, from the aforementioned Vegetarian and Vegan to those who are gluten free or celiac.


With the Fall coming up quicker than we might like to imagine, there are plenty of food options to create a delicious and delectable menu for your corporate guests. To learn more about customizing your menu, contact us here.