Wedding Catering

Congratulations! You are engaged and there is A LOT to do! Visiting our site is one of many websites that you will see. Whether this is your first or third wedding what you and your guests eat is a pretty big deal. We serve food that is delicious in its simplicity. From our slow roasted baron of beef to salmon that is absolutely mouth-watering there will be no grumbling tummies after we’re done dinner service. Take a look at our available menu’s or customize your own. READ MORE

Corporate Catering

Studies show… well our study shows that people are 1000% happier after eating a good meal. Why not step away from pizza Friday’s or ordering foot long “sandwiches” and have a meal that is delicious and satisfying. An awesome morale booster is offering a catered lunch. We bring in the food and all the necessary condiments. Everyone just gets to enjoy the food and the atmosphere of working at a great place. Take look at our available menu’s now. READ MORE

BBQ Catering

Great for all occasions! BBQ’s offer a casual and fun dining experience and what is the best way to celebrate summer than by having a BBQ! Check out our menu’s now. READ MORE

Memorials & Bereavement Catering

During this time of sorrow and loss we understand that planning a memorial is emotionally draining and trying to be logical and/or practical is near to impossible. We want to help make the catering process as simple as possible so that you can put all your energy into remembering your loved one.

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