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At Catering Visions, we’re a full service caterer with experience and expertise– satisfying appetites for groups of all sizes for all occasions, at almost all hours of the day and night. Why? because we love food. But there’s one thing we’re especially passionate about– and that’s BBQing. Our BBQ expertise has wheels, and stops for any occasion: weddings, corporate events, casual business lunches, and family reunions. We believe that there is virtually no occasion where a BBQ is out of place– so feel free to throw something at us that we’ve never tried before.

At Catering Visions we “Have BBQs Will Travel.”

Our BBQs are like no other– giving your group some delightful fresh, local meat and seafood choices– like Canada AAA beef and grilled wild Coho salmon. And we don’t mind the word “well-seasoned” to describe us, or our food creations. Catering Visions’ has delighted the senses of thousands of corporate sized appetites since 2003. Among our vast menu choices are three distinct BBQ menus and every one of them is anything but ordinary.

Planning a casual event? Your crowd can enjoy all the traditional favourites on our “Blazin’ BBQ” menu, featuring all- beef burgers, all-beef hot dogs and potato and ceasar salad on the side. Along with that, we’ll serve up platters full of fruit and vegetables to add a little zest to your plate and tastebuds. Oh, and for veggie lovers who also like their veggies in burger form, we’ll sizzle up a flavorful patty for them, too.

Want to give your guests a little more variety of tastes and smells? We’ll be happy to step it up an notch and add grilled chicken breasts and ribs from our “Sizzlin’ BBQ” menu. Go ahead and get messy— there’s plenty of napkins available. Fixins’ include corn on the cob and baked potatoes.

Now, you might want to sit down as we tell you about the pièce de résistance of Catering Visions BBQ menus. It’s our “Smokin BBQ.” We hold nothing back here. Sirloin steak. Wild caught salmon. Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. Szechuan green beans. This has “West Coast BBQ feast” written all over it. But wait, there’s more! Your guests will need to leave room on their plates for out citrus spring mix and pasta salad– and even more room in their tummies for our fantastic dessert platter. If this doesn’t please even that rare person who’s not a BBQ fan, nothing will!

Check out our Blazin’, Sizzlin’ and Smokin’ menu

Regardless of how many people you’re entertaining, we know it’s important to you, so it’s important to us at Catering Visions. We are full service caterers– bringing your event an appetizing start and following through to a fully satisfied finish. Do you expect unrivaled flavour and flair, with service to match, from highly experienced caterers who love food (and especially BBQs)? You’ve landed in the right place.

Get on the Catering Visions BBQ hotline. We’re at 604-657-8373.

We’ll create all the sizzle you desire!

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