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Creating memorable occasions

Exceptional attention to detail

At Catering Visions we are committed to creating high quality, freshly prepared cuisine and we promise to make your next event both memorable and delicious. Whether your special guests feature a bride and groom, your corporate VIP’s or even family and friends, our highly prepared team is ready to bring mouth watering greatness to your table. Connect with us today.


Congratulations! You are engaged and there is a lot to do!


Great for all occasions! BBQ’s offer a casual and fun dining experience!


Forget pizza Friday’s and have a meal that is delicious and satisfying.

Intimate Gatherings

We want to help make the catering process as simple as possible.

Our Story

We are an energetic, fun-loving bunch of chefs, sous-chefs and hospitality providers. As far we can tell, being a foodie is the best job in the world and we are happy to bring our passion for creating memorable meals to your next event.
From detailed menu planning to kitchen prep to event clean-up, we love food, we love cooking, and we take pride in sharing dishes. We look forward to making every moment around your table, enjoyable and delicious.

At Home Meals?

No problem! As our world has changed we have stepped up to meet the challenges of small group catering with safely prepared, tasty options.

The Blog

Making Finger Foods a Meal at Your Next Catered Party

Making Finger Foods a Meal at Your Next Catered Party

Who doesn’t love eating with their hands? From the joy of eating small bits of food from the tray of your highchair as a baby to the indulgence of devouring a few hot dogs as you watch your favorite team play, finger food is fun and carefree. So, why not include...

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