Whether it is your wedding, a luncheon or a corporate event, partnering with a caterer is often a must on your list. We’ve long shared what you should consider when looking for a caterer, though have you considered why you should partner with a local caterer, specifically?

Catering in Surrey, BC presents a wide variety of options, from varying cuisines to service offerings. Having been in the business for over 15 years, we understand what our clients are looking for in a trusted caterer.

That’s why we always recommend our clients to choose local. Just like sourcing for local foods or products, there are plenty of benefits to partnering with a local caterer in Surrey, BC.

Read on for our five reasons why you should partner with a local caterer.


1. Local caterers understand local venues.

Having worked with clients since 2003, we have truly been everywhere – from corporate offices to local golf courses and venue halls. As such, we understand the intricacies of such venues, be it the quirks of the kitchen or where we can access the nearest power source.

Partnering with a local caterer means you have a breadth of experience behind you.


2. Sourcing local foods offers both value, taste and health benefits

There is no doubt that sourcing local foods offers a wide variety of benefits. Local foods are shown to be healthier for you and for the environment.

With a local caterer, you will benefit from relationships built with local providers, such as local farmers or distributers, to offer foods that are rich in flavour and healthy options.

Working with local farmers, particularly, can open areas of opportunity to source excellent meats and produce, ensuring freshness at your next lunch or dinner table.


3. Schedule in-person consultations quicker and easier

If nothing else, working with a local caterer means you can have a thorough consultation that is easy to schedule. At Catering Visions, we believe that consultations are integral in the success of any event. While we have event menus available for your review, these are simply menus to begin with. Every single one of our events are created with customizations in mind, to ensure your guests receive only the best in their appetizers or meal.


4. Chances are, we’ve worked with someone you know

Partnering with a local caterer in Surrey, BC means that you can source referrals from local clients. Chances are, we’ve worked with someone you know over the last number of years! Having had hundreds and hundreds of clients means we have great referrals to provide you. Head on over to our photo gallery and take a look at some of our past work!


5. We are aware of in-season food options

Local caterers are not only able to provide locally sourced food options, we are also very aware of in-season foods and beverages. Many of our guests prefer to eat what is local and in-season, such as potatoes and kale in the Fall, and apples, peaches and sweeter options in the Summer (think – Summer salads!)

In-season food options are an excellent way to deliver some impressive menus for your next event, regardless of the purpose or number of guests.


At Catering Visions, we recommend partnering with a local caterer. Not only can local caterers provide the vision and experience in your area of Surrey, BC that you require, we can also source the best of the best food, to ensure your guests have the ultimate in cuisine experience.

To learn more about how we can support your next event, contact us here.