Whether it is a new business pitch, a meeting with current clients or an executive gathering, what you serve on the board room table can go a long way in making a great first impression. For breakfast meetings particularly, your prospects, clients or employees are generally coming in early to attend your meeting and likely have a high expectation on breakfast that will be served.

Have no fear! Undoubtedly the easiest and most delectable way to impress at a morning meeting is with corporate breakfast catering. From hot foods to healthy, platter options, corporate breakfast catering will take the guesswork out of your day.


Here are 5 corporate breakfast catering tips for your next big meeting


1. Offer warm food options, and keep it hot!

When it comes to catered food, warm food options are a must. With breakfast items you can offer home style hash-browns, crispy bacon, fresh farm eggs and more.

The most important part of offering warm food options is to keep it hot! Remember to have warming options, which your caterer should provide. Place the breakfast bar close to an electrical outlet so the food warmer can be easily plugged in.


2. Provide alternatives for vegetarian attendees

We have written about providing dietary alternatives for guests who are vegetarian, and the same should be said for the breakfast meal. Consider creating a breakfast menu with tempeh in addition to bacon, or a tofu scramble alongside the egg dish.


3. Don’t skip on the fresh basked goods!

For those who prefer a lighter breakfast, you can’t forget the fresh baked goods. From danishes and muffins to scones and turnovers, offering fresh baked goods will provide your guests with options that also compliment your hot foods.

Bonus: Keeping the fresh basked goods as a mid-meeting snack, after your hot breakfast, will impress your guests! 


4. Did someone say waffle bar?

Providing something unique and with flair for your guests will leave a lasting impression. A great option is a customized waffle bar before your meeting. With fresh waffles provided, you can have your guests add extras like whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, or delectable pieces of chocolate.

This unique addition to your corporate breakfast catering menu will help to break the ice before getting started with your day.


5. It’s always best to have more than less

…especially during breakfast. 93% of Americans believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which means that your guests will be arriving hungry!

This means that it is important to have more, rather than less, food available for your guests. An array of options will help to ensure your guests begin the meeting feeling content and ready start the day.


At Catering Visions, we have been providing corporate breakfast catering options for years. As you are preparing your next meeting, consider the benefits of having a delectable breakfast option available for your meeting guests.