Can’t you just picture it?? The beautiful bride and handsome groom emerge from their ceremony, the ground glistening with a light dusting of snow and the trees twinkling with a bit of frost that just seems to make the whole world sparkle a little brighter.

Winter weddings are magical and there’s so much one can do with colors and hues to create a winter wonderland or even a lovely Christmas tableau. And there’s also wonderful food offerings available that speak of the warm flavors of winter or the holidays and the comfort we look for in a meal on a cold winter day.

Choosing a creative caterer

If you’ve chosen a winter wedding, chances are you have some ideas in mind for your wedding dinner/reception menu. It’s not likely that you’re thinking of cool summer salads, ice cream sundaes, or menu items that seem to indicate other seasons of the year.

So, the first thing you need is a caterer who has a good winter wedding menu in place or one who would be willing to stray from their “regular” menus and work with you to craft a winter- or holiday-themed menu that fulfills your dreams for your wedding meal. Flexibility is key when it comes to choosing a caterer, and creativity is equally as high on the list of characteristics you seek in a good one as well.

When interviewing caterers for winter weddings, talk about the mood you wish to portray and what you hope guests will take away with them when they leave. Suggest some foods but be willing to let the caterer guide you – the bride and groom, parents, or whomever is paying for the dinner – as to what works best for a gathering of your size.

Menu ideas for winter weddings

In most cases, winter weddings in Canada happen on cold days…or, at least, chilly ones. That means your guests will be looking for “comfort foods” that warm their insides. There are many options that can be adapted to a larger group. Some you might consider are:

  • Small mugs or glasses of soup like tomato bisque or other creamy offerings like mushroom or butternut squash. (You can even include a triangle of grilled cheese and offer these together as an appetizer.)
  • How about a poutine or baked potato bar? These are great choices for a stick-to-your-ribs winter meal and guests have fun doing their own thing to make the potatoes uniquely theirs.
  • For cocktails, consider including something like hot mulled wine or some sort of spiked warm cider.
  • Salads can look festive and wintery by using spinach as the base and toppings such as feta or goat cheese, pomegranate seeds or cranberries, green apples or pears, and walnuts or pecans. Consider a warm dressing to top it off.
  • For the main course, beef is an excellent choice for winter weddings. Filets or another tender cut are delicious and can be complemented with a hearty baked or mashed potato and some root vegetables. For vegetarians, cheese- or lobster-filled ravioli with a cream sauce is a nice option as is salmon with cranberry topping or something similar. Pork works well, too.
  • Dessert for winter weddings lends itself towards choices like molten chocolate cake or perhaps a traditional crème brulee. Yum!
  • Be sure to have plenty of hot coffee and tea available and consider something else fun that the kids will like, such as a hot chocolate bar with a variety of toppings. (The adults will adore it, too!)

Your caterer will have many more ideas for your sparkling winter wedding and, together, you’ll be able to design the ideal menu for your guests. Take time to carefully peruse the choices that satisfy not only your palate but your budget as well.